What we do

What is Harrison Dear Elevate?

We offer an elite service that cuts no corners to find the best talent. After a client brief to establish the ideal fit, we proactively scour the entire media industry utilising our many years of experience and our extensive network. The candidates we put forward are likely people who are employed and not actively seeking a new role, but are the perfect fit for your vacancy.

How does it work?

We manage the process from start to finish with 100% confidentiality. We can spot the next generation of talent coming through the ranks.

Leverage our expertise

We are experts across various media disciplines with a genuine passion and love for what we do. Let us take the stress away from you and do what we do best.

Looking for senior talent between £80-£150k? Harrison Dear Elevate can help you. Contact us for free, professional advice to ensure that you employ the very best candidate for your role.

Call Nikki on 07824 549 403 or email nikki@harrisondear.co.uk
or Steven on 07818 566 640 or email steven@harrisondear.co.uk

What we do 14th January 2020